How our plan is working? - Forcematrix Plan

What is Network Width?

Maximum number of direct childern (Network Width) for a user is four. It means a user can have maximum four users, after that user will be automaticlly added to his childs and he is promoted to next Level.

What is Network Height?

Maximum number of level (Network Height) for a user is three.Once a user reached to maximum level (three) and all the nodes has been filled then he will not able to get level comission anymore.

What is Minimum Limit for Withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal limit is 100 INR.

What is Maximum Limit for Withdrawal?

Maximum withdrawal limit is 5000 INR.

What are No. of Personal Referrer(s) required for Eligibility ?

User have to add atleast two direct referrals to get payout.

What type of Commissions we provide ?

We provide 3 types of commissions these are Join Commission, Referrals Commission, Level Commission

What type of Bonuses we provide ?

We Provide 2 types of bonuses these are Regular and Royalty.

is there any dedudction we deduct ?

Yes we have deductions.


Commission type Commission Amount
Join Commission 15 %
Referral Commission 10 %
Level 1 Commission 6 %
Level 2 Commission 12 %
Level 3 Commission 20 %

Regular Bonus Slabs

Min Direct Referrals Max Direct Referrals Amount
1 5 10 %
6 10 15 %

Royalty Bonus Slabs

Level Direct Referrals Amount
Level 1 3 10 %
Level 2 4 15 %
Level 3 6 20 %


Name Amount
GST 14 %